miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

La necesidad de precisión

Para Gabriel "Menocchio" C., que sabrá entender.

Fragmento del poema de Zbigniew Herbert "Mr Cogito on the Need for Precision":

now Mr Cogito
the highest swaying
rung of indeterminacy
how hard to establish the names
of all those who were lost
battling against inhuman power
the official data
diminish their number
once again mercilessly
decimating the fallen
and their bodies vanish
in abysslike basements
great police compounds
blinded by gas
deafened by gun salvos
by fear and despair
are inclined to exaggerate
observers from the sidelines
give dubious figures
equipped with the disgraceful
little word - "approximately"
but in these matters
accuracy is necessary
one can't get it wrong
even in a single case
in spite of everything
we are our brothers' keepers
ignorance about those who are lost
undermines the reality of the world
casts us in the hell of appearance
the diabolical net of the dialectic
which says there is no difference
between substance and a specter
we must therefore know
draw up exact accounts
summon them by name
ready them for the road
in a clay bowl
millet poppyseed
an ivory comb
a ring of fidelity